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Top Reasons Why You Should Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Are you looking for the best gym, Zumba or yoga classes in your vicinity, to attain that perfect slim body inspired by your favorite celebrities?

But the fact is that no two bodies are alike and neither there is a perfect weight figure (referring to numeric digits) which applies to all. Above all, you don’t have to look like a diva or supermodel to feel contended and good about yourself and your body.

Feel good factor comes often from maintaining a balanced lifestyle that results in a healthier body and soulful mind. Bringing little healthy changes in the daily lifestyle can bring a lot of improvement in your physical as well as mental health, enhance your energy level and change appearance. Better changes leave you happier and helpful toward others around you.

We are here listing some of the reasons which you should acknowledge as the driving force for embracing a healthy lifestyle:-

1) Live Life Longer

Probably no one wants to die early (except for depressed souls who fail to connect with the power of love surrounding them). But only living longer doesn’t suffice the aim of life. A healthy life with a longer life expectancy is something which everybody lusts for.

Start taking care of your overall health and well-being by eating right and healthy, on time. Make sure to lay stress on food intake which is rich in nutrition and couple it with exercise regime followed regularly like a religion. This kind of healthy lifestyle will result in a life free from diseases and sufferings, with a lot of energy to indulge in activities you love.

A healthy lifestyle not only offers you increased life expectancy but also adds to your confidence and excitement of being alive, as a part of this living world.

2) Merrier and Liked By All – You

None of us would be a fan of dull, wrinkled or flawed skin.

Ever heard or seen companies advertising for their hair care products with models having scanty of hair or dull and rough-textured hair?

Can an obese person dance with the full energy, without palpitation, for hours at a stretch?

Being said that, the answer is strictly no to all the questions, without any debate.

Glowing and flawless skin, the beautiful texture of hair, healthy body figure if not perfect hourglass one (certainly referring to numeric digits) Is loved by all anytime. Above all these are not unattainable either. A switch over to a healthy lifestyle with the daily routine of exercise results in a fitter body. Visiting the gym and spas is not mandatory to attend healthy bodily figures.

Have a look at celebrities like Milind Soman, Gigi Hadid, January Jones, desi girl Priyanka Chopra, Blake lively, Jennifer Aniston and a lot of others who are not the gym fan but are perfectly fit all the way, though.

On the other hand, there are celebrities like Ellie Goulding, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, Halle Berry (diabetic patients 19 and has recently turned 50 with creating headlines for her physics now and then), Khloé Kardashian and a lot more who workout religiously for their looks and body. These are fit and dashing too, unquestionably.

Whether you hit the gym or not but to stay healthy you have to opt for a healthy lifestyle which includes listening to your body craves and working out to drain the excess calories you intake to look and stay healthy from inside as well as outside.

Exercising reduces stress and anxiety which are now an indispensable part of life and increases your focusing ability.

3) Enhanced Immunity of the Body

Healthy lifestyle renders a body which is capable of withstanding infections or bacterial attack more vigorously. Increased levels of nutrients in the bodies through a balanced diet, cutting down of bad fat and exercise for buildings body stamina, raises the antioxidant level in the body. This increases the immunity of the body to fight against infections and free-radicals attack.

4) Attaining Slimmer Body Is Easier

Everybody knows working out at the gym is a sweat full affair. But if you make little healthy changes in your lifestyle; start eating proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fats in the right proportion and at the regular interval automatically sculptures your body brings in shape once all the bad body fat stored in the body vanishes.

You can go for mini meals ranging from 5 to 6 times a day so that your body does not anticipate starvation at any time. Mini militia increases the metabolism of the body and strengthens your muscles. Couple it with aerobic training or muscle strength exercises and there you are with fat loss as the side effect of a healthy lifestyle.

Obesity is often the culprit behind many problems such as depression, low self- esteem, anxiety and social ostracism. Attain a slimmer body as a perk of a healthy lifestyle and shun the social stigma away.

5) Keeps Modern Days’ Diseases at Bay

Our lifestyle is the root cause of modern-day diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, anxiety, depression, obesity, etc. Until and unless we make effort to change our lifestyle, getting rid of these and many more diseases is not possible. This is because your body always reflects and returns what you give to it.

Although your genes play a major role in contacting hereditary diseases, a conscious effort regarding eating a healthy and nutritious diet along with exercise regularly definitely comes of great help in protecting your organs. Let your body work for longer with its original parts in working without going under scissors, running efficiently 24/7 with a healthy lifestyle. 

In the study conducted, it was found that a diet rich in vitamins and minerals helps to lower the risk of mental health disorders including anxiety, depression, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

According to the research conducted and report published in August 2019 in the Journal of the American Heart Association, people who restrict their diet to plant-based nutrients have 16% lower chances of developing heart diseases, owing to the rich heart-healthy fiber and nutrients like potassium, in their diets. But they should couple it with a limited intake of saturated fat and cholesterol. 

6) The Greater Energy Level and Younger You

Embracing a healthy lifestyle helps you look younger and feel energetic. The energy level is always boosted with a nutritional diet, exercising and sound sleep. An adequate amount of the three makes a balanced life in which you can accommodate junk food occasionally.

A balanced diet has a lot of influence on your skin and hair besides your mind and soul, which feels fresh and enlightened with good food and a healthy lifestyle.

Key to flawless skin is cutting on bad food, for instance, junk food. And good sleep for a couple of hours daily along with sweating sessions helps to reduce blemishes and spots. Additionally, it leaves the skin smoother and shinier.

7) Become A Role Model – Inspire Other

When you are fit and happy, you feel great about yourself and that becomes apparent to everybody else too. Very often people tend to idolize those who are fit. Also, they start seeking their advice regarding the same (Fitness trainers becoming an internet sensation and famous Youtubers is proof for the same). 

If you are the person who loves to live life to the fullest, opting healthy lifestyle is not an option but a necessity. So, be a model for those who still haven’t drawn their inspiration for staying fit. Hit the gym or go for the vigorous regime of exercising at home or in the park. Start healthy snacking for a fitter body and meditate regularly. 

Today’s youth are insanely driven for posting their photoshopped bodies on their social media handles. They are sometimes under extreme pressure to imitate their images in their real-life too. This at times goes overboard when they indulge in unhealthy practices to look healthy (undergoing plastic surgeries or surviving on steroids) when they are weak from within. 

Encouraging others to stay fit for the noble cause is a form of charity. 

“A healthy mind resides in a healthy body” who doesn’t know! 

Be fit and encourage your loved ones to be healthy in a more natural way. 

8) Be Physically Stronger

A balanced diet always makes you physically fit and strong. Is this any brainier? Of course not!

Indulging in a different kind of exercise renders fitness mantra for your various body parts such as cardiovascular exercising for healthy heart, muscle training for the strengthening of muscles, and so on. A healthy lifestyle not only rewards your body by shaping it in the right proportions but also increases your bodily strength. Exercising regimes followed regularly increases your core power, stabilizers your body against injuries and make you happier.

9) Earn Self-Praise

When everybody else in the world praises you, self-praise automatically seeps in. You are stress-free, physically and mentally. Many chemical substances produced in your body during exercising leaves your body and mind calm as their by-product. Endorphins released with healthy lifestyle acceptance make you a happier person in general, for a longer period. 

10) Sound Sleep

Sound sleep and a healthy lifestyle are both dependent and result of each other. Once you can enjoy sound sleep for 6-8 hours daily at the right time, your next day schedule would be much more organized and healthy.

And if your daily schedule along with the lifestyle followed leaves you to the bed with sound sleep every night, this means you have very little left to be asked for in your life (keeping aside money). 

Numerous fruits and nuts promote sleeping patterns; help you fall asleep faster and more soundly. The list includes bedtime snack like Popcorn, oatmeal, or whole-wheat crackers. Garnish them with nut butter, if you like. Almonds and walnuts for melatonin, responsible for sleep/wake cycle. Cottage Cheese increases serotonin inducing insomnia. The list is inclusive of numerous items. 

Avoid fad diet. These are short-lived and unsustainable unless you are a celebrity who needs to treasure their body to earn via looks.


11) Challenge Yourself Pushing Beyond Limits

Our bodily limits are what our body sets as the deadline against which we can’t push our body under normal circumstances. But when we opt for living healthy (which is certainly not an easy task) we challenge ourselves setting our plans which are way tougher and challenging. For instance, quitting on fried food and cakes in favor of fruits and juices and moderately cooked food it is quite a tough task, especially if you are a good foodie. But if you are determined, committed and following your lifestyle as a discipline, attaining a healthy body and a peaceful mind is not a mission impossible.

Make a rule to push yourself against your set limits to testify your inner strength. 

Necessity is the mother of invention! Feel the necessity for a healthy lifestyle and you would find ways out to inculcate health in your lifestyle.

Embrace the Positive Energy around You

The sound mental and emotional state of a person depends largely upon the lifestyle they follow. A healthy lifestyle surrounds you with the positive energy which you can circulate among your loved ones. A healthy body comes with an optimistic outlook.

Hug a healthier lifestyle for positivity in life. Putting on makeup temporarily is no solution for hiding skin flaws. 

Even if you are stuck in the worst situation, not giving up healthcare can be a solution to various problems. So, dwell deeper into the benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle before you thought of giving up.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not a difficult job but it requires a lot of dedication, compassion, and fondness for your health and fitness. Also, it involves a lot of hard work. If our efforts have been able to draw your attention towards adopting a healthy lifestyle, start applying a little effort to have an all-round development of your body and mind. 

According to researches, those who incorporate healthy eating habits and exercising during middle childhood are more likely to be capable of maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout their adolescence and adulthood, in comparison to those individuals who try making the shift in later years of life. 

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