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It’s all About the Eyebrows: 10 Tips for the Best Brows

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then consider your brows the perfect complementing curtains for that window. Eyebrows have taken the beauty world by storm, changing the game when it comes to enhancing your look. While trends for brows come and go—remember the barely-there, pencil-thin brows of the early 2000s? —one tried and true thing remains the same: Beautiful, well-kept brows are always in style.

So, in the world of beauty that is filled with misinformation, conflicting advice, and an over-abundance of trend-heavy styles, how can you achieve the best brows for your face, while still ensuring that you have a timeless look? Read on for 10 tips for leveling up your beautiful brows to wow-worthy status, no matter what the current trends are. The eyebrow game? —consider it changed.

1.Embrace Your Natural Shape

You can’t fight nature, as much as you try, and everyone has a natural brow shape and fullness that is typically the most suited to their face. However, every set could use a little tweaking to make your eyes and facial features pop. It’s a delicate balancing act of keeping your natural shape intact, while also slightly shaping and enhancing to find the best look for your face shape and structure.

How can you find out exactly what brow shape is best for you? According to Buzzfeed, each face shape has an eyebrow curve that will complement them the most. The best brow for each face shape is:

  • Round face – Angled arches on a structured brow. This helps to create the illusion of more angles on the face, adding definition to rounded, softer lines.
  • Oval face – Fuller, thicker brows help to flatter this face shape.
  • Square face – To make a square face appear less boxy, a highlighted arch should be used.
  • Heart-shaped face – Soften this face shape with a wider, more-rounded arch.
  • Long face – Shorter brows that have a lower, less-pronounced arch can add a touch of fullness.

Knowing your unique face shape is the perfect start to getting brows that wow. 

2. Only Let a Professional Shape Your Brows the First Time

Please, please, please, no matter what, do not try to shape your brows on your own for the very first time. All of us who grew up in the ‘90s are absolutely begging you, as we’re still growing out our pencil-thin brows. While trends in these all-important facial accents can come and go, there’s one thing you don’t want to do—you don’t want to alter the natural, flattering shape of your brows. That’s not to say that you can’t do brow maintenance at home (see other tips in this article for that), but if your brows have never been touched, let a pro handle them. You’ll be pretty upset if you damage the delicate equilibrium on your face by going it alone the first time.

When you’re ready to get yours shaped, make sure you do your research to find a professional that you can trust. Find the right brow expert for you by:

  • Researching Online – Conduct your research on Yelp and other online sites. Look for those with top reviews in an area near you.
  • Check with Friends – Asking around your circle of friends. Have a friend whose brows you’re pining after? Ask her where she gets them done. 
  • Social Media – Facebook or other social groups are also a great place to find referrals and recommendations.

3. Use Brow Shaping Scissors and Tweezers In-Between Shaping Sessions

After you’ve had a professional work their magic, you can maintain your brows easily and quickly at home. You don’t have to get your brows touched up by an expensive salon pro on the regular. Instead, stick with visiting your brow guru every six to 12 months. This saves cash, while still keeping your brows on point. 

How can you keep your brows looking their best? Regular tweezing and trimming with brow shaping scissors can work wonders.

Brow scissors are those tiny little doll-like scissors that come in most grooming kits. To figure out if your brows are a little too unruly, brush them up to see. According to, if the hairs are above the natural line of the brows, they need a little snip-snip. Carefully hold the scissors and trim lightly, ensuring you get rid of just the excess. One little slip and you’ll have an unfortunate look on your hands!

When it comes to tweezing, less is more. Stick with plucking out stray hairs between the brow and your eyes, and in the space between them above your nose. Use sore baby gum medication to topically numb the area, or use an ice cube. Use swift motions, and preferably a magnifying mirror with a bright light, so you can really see all those tiny baby hairs.

4.Fill-In from the Center of Your Brows

Filling in your brows is key to getting the full, borderline-bushy look that’s the most flattering for everyone, and is right on-trend these days. Deepening the hue of your brows is a surefire way to make them stand out and grab attention while showcasing your features. 

How can you ensure they look their best when you fill them in? Start from the center of the brow, regardless of what product you are using. As Buzzfeed explains, when you use a slightly lighter tint at the head of the brow and a darker color towards the arch, you are essentially contouring your brows. 

If you don’t want to get that fancy, you don’t have to. Simply use your product of choice to fill in your brows so that they don’t look sparse or patchy. For more on the different products you can use to make your brows truly look their best, head on to tip number 5.

5.Know the Difference Between Pencil, Gels, and Powder

This is where the real fun begins. Walk into any beauty aisle and you’ll be inundated with thousands of different brow products. With so much to choose from, it’s best to start with the basics. The most common brow product formulas are:

  • Pencil
  • Gel
  • Powder

Which one is right for you? Let’s breakdown what each one is, and how it can benefit two of your most important facial assets.

Brow pencils are some of the most common brow products and are usually fairly user-friendly. They look a lot like eyeliner and often come in either a standard pencil style that needs to be sharpened or that has a self-advancing option. Pencils are so simple to use because you literally just fill in your brow like you would when coloring in a picture. Use light strokes and try to imagine you are drawing tiny hairs, and not just filling in one block of color.

Brow gels are usually a little more challenging to use but can offer some of the best results. You can use a clear gel to help keep hairs that have a mind of their own in line. Or, you can choose tinted formulas that pull double duty—they tame brow hairs and add a hint of color.

Powder brow products are even higher on the difficulty level scale but can offer the most reward for your troubles. Powder is not only long-lasting, but it can have the most natural appearance. Use a brush that’s just a tiny bit wet, dip it into the powder product, then lightly brush on in feathery strokes. 

6.Invest in Quality Products

Not all brow products are created equal, as you’ll find when you head to the store to stock up on brow essentials. Brow makeup, like pretty much any other type of makeup, can vary widely in quality and price. That’s not to say that cheaper brow products are less effective or offer a sub-par result. In fact, there are amazing brow makeup options at drugstores and department stores alike. 

When you’re looking for what’s going to offer the greatest reward for your dollar, look to brand names that you can trust. Makeup lines that have been around for longer and are larger have a wealth of experience to back up their products, which can really pay off. 

When shopping from a store, whether online or brick-and-mortar, make sure they offer free returns. This way, you can try out the products that are out there to find what’s the best fit for you.

Still, need a little help? Check out this list of some of the best brow products

7. Use Highlighter to Enhance Arches

Now that you have the perfect shape brow for your face shape and you’ve filled them in like a boss with some of the best products out there, how can you make these babies even better? By highlighting your arch. According to, a touch of highlight just under the arch and above the arch will make your brows and eyes even more stunning. Why? Because the highlighter helps to draw in just enough light that the sleek shape of your brow looks even better. And of course, a perfectly coiffed brow complements your face and eyes as nothing else can. 

What kind of highlighter should you use? A simple cream or light powder will do. Either use your finger or a brush to very gently apply a small amount right above the arch and just below. Don’t go overboard, as you don’t want to look like you’re wearing stage make-up or sweating excessively.

Try Tinting

One way to ensure your brows don’t look too sparse and have just the right hue is by tinting them. This is a great option for those who have very light brows, thin brows, or who just don’t want to spend a ton of time filling them in every single day. 

Tinting is a simple process that is done in a salon. According to, a small amount of dye is applied to the eyebrow and left on for about 10-15 minutes. The result: Deeper hued brows that require less filling in and have a natural look. These darker brows last for four to six weeks and can help to cut down on your daily routine. Make sure that you go to an FDA-approved salon so that you can trust that the process is done safely. 

9.Grow Baby, Grow

If you’re battling with the effects of over-tweezing in the past, or you have naturally thin eyebrows, growth serum for your brows might be a good option for you. A growth serum is typically applied daily and can have some pretty dramatic results. It’s a way to enhance the natural hair that you already have safely. There are several options on the market today that are sold over the counter, so look for these the next time you’re in the brow makeup section. You can also talk to your dermatologist or esthetician to find out if they have any recommended products. Adding fullness is not only trend-savvy right now, but will ensure that you’re flattering for face in the best way possible.

10.When in Doubt, Less is More

When it comes to your brows, a good rule of thumb is that less is more. The old adage that applies to so many things is VERY important in this case. We’ve all seen brows that just aren’t right, whether they have been misshapen or they are filled in far too dark. Make sure you are using a light hand in every aspect of creating the brows that are best for your face. 

When choosing the shade to fill your brows in with, think a bumped-up version of their natural color. No one looks good with black eyebrows and blonde hair. If you have dyed hair, consider the hue that coordinates the best with the shade on your head for the ideal look. 

If you are tweezing, waxing, trimming, or removing hair in any way, avoid going overboard. Always, always, always remember: LESS IS MORE.

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